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List Description
Apps-commits Commits
Backlogmanager [no description available]
CEF-Service-Desk [no description available]
Cloud-commits Commits
Data-commits Commits
Exploitation-commits Commits
Fforgesupport-commits Commits
FI-NEXT [no description available]
Fi-ppp-ab [no description available]
Fi-ware-private-commits Commits
Fi-ware-private-looknfeel FI-WARE Portals Look & Feel
Fi-ware-private-support Support to FI-WARE members on issues not related to FusionForge infrastructure
Ficore [no description available]
Ficore-commits Commits
Fiware General list for the FI-WARE project
Fiware-acceleration-help [no description available]
Fiware-administrative Financial and administrative issues
Fiware-associate-member [no description available]
Fiware-cep [no description available]
Fiware-challenges List to answer questions about FI-WARE challenges
Fiware-chapter-architects [no description available]
Fiware-chapter-leaders Fiware chapter leaders (Sept/2014 onwards)
Fiware-coaches Communication for coaches+chapter/wg leaders. Accelerators requests/feedback too
Fiware-community [no description available]
Fiware-cross-topics [no description available]
Fiware-data-uncertainity Discussion on the topic about Data Uncertainity
Fiware-edu-help Help mailing list for FI-WARE eLearning platform
Fiware-elearning Support to the elearning tool
Fiware-evangelist FIWARE Evangelists mailing list
Fiware-exploitation Mailing list for Exploitation in FI-WARE
Fiware-ga Partners' representatives in the FI-WARE General Assembly (GA)
Fiware-general-help List enabling people to formulate general non-technical questions on FIWARE
Fiware-idm-ge Task Force on IdM GE related discussions
FIWARE-IoT Mailing list for IoT chapter in FIWARE
Fiware-lab [no description available]
Fiware-lab-help Assistance to attendees of the Campus Party
Fiware-lab-user-creation [no description available]
Fiware-mundus Requests for FIWARE the team dealing with expansion activities
Fiware-network-cloud [no description available]
Fiware-new-ge-proposal [no description available]
Fiware-open-data Questions on open data publications on the FIWARE Lab
Fiware-opencall-help [no description available]
Fiware-opencall-middleware Discussion on middleware topic, part of FI-WARE 1st Open Call
Fiware-ops [no description available]
Fiware-pcc Mailing list for the PCC in FI-WARE
Fiware-robotics Drive discussion on how to use FIWARE in Robotics
Fiware-security-core [no description available]
Fiware-semantic-platform [no description available]
Fiware-standardization [no description available]
Fiware-tech-help List enabling people to formulate technical questions on FIWARE
Fiware-training-req List to gather requests for training courses, bootcamps, etc
Fiware-ucs [no description available]
Fiware-user-interface Discussion on User Interface topics
fiware-website Collection of feedback regarding the FIWARE website
Fiware-wg-leaders [no description available]
Fiware-wpa WPAs in FI-WARE
Fiware-wpl WPLs (or deputy WPLs) in the FI-WARE project
Fiwareapps-commits Commits
Fiwarecloud-commits Commits
Fiwaredata-commits Commits
Fiwareexpl-commits Commits
Fiwarefiops-commits Commits
Fiwarei2nd-commits Commits
Fiwareiot-commits Commits
Fiwarelab-commits Commits
Fiwaresecurity-commits Commits
Fiwaresust-commits Commits
Fiwat [no description available]
Fsb [no description available]
I2nd-commits Commits
Im-wp4-commits Commits
Iot-commits Commits
IoTReady [no description available]
Mailman [no description available]
Mktcouncil-commits Commits
Mytestpro-commits Commits
Old-Fiware Old general list for the FI-WARE project
Old-Fiware-exploitation Mailing list for Exploitation in FI-WARE
Old-Fiware-iot Mailing list for IoT Service Enablement chapter in FI-WARE
Operation-Office [no description available]
Pcc-commits Commits
Scicouncil-commits Commits
Security-commits Commits
Template-commits Commits
Testbed-commits Commits
Tools-commits Commits
Tools-test24march [no description available]

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